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We are a group of leaders and pioneers of human rights and development work, independent in our orientation and affiliation from any political activity or orientation. We all agreed to unite under the umbrella of IOI to be a platform for right and development. IOI seeks to combat irregular migration by strengthening the settlement of citizens within their countries with human rights and development mechanisms. IOI is the first organization in the Arab world and the African continent that works to defend and support irregular employment according to the principle of citizenship to enhance societal protection “socially and healthily”

ndependent Organization International مؤسسة المستقلين الدولية

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Elwarsha programme

The first program in the Arab world and Africa that works to support and rehabilitate irregular employment. Irregular employment is the group most affected by the continuation of the global economic crises, and that group may be torn apart and lose the ability to meet the basic requirements of life. Therefore, we aim in the workshop program to support irregular employment professionally, socially and legally.

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